Thanks for visiting my personal website on looking at the strategies of spatial design. I find the intersection of business and design really fascinating – specifically, the planning & designing behind luxury retail & hospitality environments.

I hope to share with you a take on the strategies behind these spaces, and am thrilled to hear your thoughts too. Enjoy your stay!


My interest in the collaboration of business strategy & design really piqued while working at Louis Vuitton Americas headquarters’ Store Planning & Development, based in New York. I managed minor construction projects in the Northeastern Region and provided project management support for flagship projects, e.g. LV Miami Design District, LV Fifth Avenue, and LV Plaza Frontenac. It was truly interesting to experience first-hand how a luxury fashion house expresses its brand identity through space.

Aside from design, my previous career in banking & finance helped to consider these projects for what they are to the business – capital expenditures. I am a big proponent in finding the right give-and-take in business & design to build beautiful spaces.

Outside of my professional life, I can be found in the nearest ceramics studio or the driving range. I am ridiculously amateur at both, which makes me grateful for my day job(s)!

For professional contact: jessicakangdesign [at]